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You're sure to find the perfect CD player and/or media player for your DJ setup, restaurant, cafe or radio station right here. If you're a DJ who wants to have quick access to tracks, then you should go for a tabletop CD player or media player. These devices feature buttons and knobs on the top, together with a platter, so you can control it much like you would a turntable. You'll also find classic CD players in this category, as well as media players and combinations of the two. It's a good idea to combine a set of two tabletop media players with a DJ mixer and other DJ gear and effects. If you don't have room for a tabletop media player but want the functionality, then you should definitely check out our 19-inch CD & media players. These types of media players, which can be combined with an amplifier, can be mounted in a 19-inch rack, and while they're not intended for DJs who do a lot of mixing, they still offer a wide variety of DJ functions, such as a double CD player, a double USB input, a jog wheel, as well as pitch and cue knobs. If you don't need these kinds of DJ functions, then we suggest you take a look at the media players in the category professional media players | Hire DJ Gear