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Bax Music's experts have compiled various complete DJ sets that include the essentials needed for an immediate start. Whether you're going for a fully digital DJ set, a CD player set or a vinyl-compatible turntable set, there's a package here every for every DJ - from basic to high-end and from beginner to pro.

What Do DJ Sets Include?

DJ sets usually include a DJ mixer and two turntables or tabletop players, but you'll also find combi-players & sets: all-in-one units that feature a built-in DJ mixer as well as built-in CD players.

DJ Mixers

The DJ mixer (or mixing console) forms the foundation for any DJ set. It's the central bit of kit that everything else is hooked up to, allowing you to switch between audio signals, ensure smooth track transitions and much more. Most DJ mixers support line and phono signals, with some even being able to send and receive audio via USB.

DJ Turntables

In essence, a turntable is a specially-designed record player for DJs that comes equipped with a motor and a pitch fader that allow you to change the playback speed. DJs can set up a turntable as a playback device by connecting it to a DJ mixer.

CD Players

A CD player is another possible audio-source that can be hooked up to a DJ mixer and used to control things like playback and playback speed. CD players are also known as tabletop media players and, in addition to CDs, usually offer additional playback via USB sticks and SD cards loaded with audio.

DJ Controllers

DJ controllers combine a DJ mixer and two media-players in one, but in most cases, using a DJ controller requires a computer loaded with supported DJ software. As such, the integrated 'media-players' aren't real media-players but mimic the functionality based on digital files - unless we're talking about all-in-one DJ controllers, which can be used as standalone units without the need for a laptop or computer.

Monitors and Speakers

The best sets give DJs a way to monitor their own sound, which is essential for mix-based quality control and it explains why most DJ mixers and DJ controllers are directly compatible with monitor speakers. Monitors alone are fine when you're practising. Higher-end mixers and controllers usually feature a separate output for the DJ booth, supporting live use via a main output that can be connected to a PA system and a DJ booth monitor output for your monitors.

Essential DJ Accessories

Want to take your DJ set for a trip? Don't forget to grant your gear the protection of a solid flight case or gig bag! We have DJ & producer flight cases, flight bags and gig bags and, while some complete DJ bundles include headphones, not at all do so make sure to check out our collection of DJ headphones.

Frequently Asked Questions About DJ Sets

How much does a DJ set cost?

The cheapest set-ups will set you back about £100, while professional DJ equipment can easily cost more than £1,000.

What do I need to start deejaying?

To start DJ'ing, you'll need a DJ controller, headphones and a laptop that's able to run the required software.

What's a good set-up for beginners?

A basic DJ controller is a cheap way to learn a lot of tricks of the DJ trade. A good set-up for beginners should include a DJ controller and a pair of DJ headphones. Beginner-focussed controllers often offer access to online tutorials and more.

What are the most popular DJ software programs?

Serato, Traktor and Rekordbox are by far the most popular DJ software packs. Bear in mind that some devices require specific DJ software. There's also free software available such as Virtual DJ. The best software for you always depends on your needs and personal preferences.

How expensive is DJ equipment?

The price of a full DJ set ranges from £100 to over £10,000. | newsletter