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Great, so you've got your media players, turntables and DJ mixer or all-in-one DJ controller. Now you need something to produce sound, and while you could simply plug in a pair of headphones, a special pair of DJ speakers is what gets you the full experience.

DJ Sound Systems: What Do You Need?

To complete a DJ-focussed speaker system, you'll need a combo of the following gear: PA speakers, DJ monitors and DJ headphones. PA speakers do the heavy lifting and fill the room with booming beats. DJ/studio monitors are smaller speakers that can be set up in the booth so DJs can hear what they're doing. DJ headphones are used for that same reason and, more importantly, to check out the mix before transitioning to a new track. Check out our DJ Speakers Buyer's Guide for more information or read on to learn more.

Active Monitors for DJs

A pair of active monitor speakers is by far the most fuss-free option since they can usually be directly hooked up to the main output or booth output of your DJ controller or DJ mixer after and they only need one power point. Active speakers also offer a solid, often neutral sound, giving you a good image of your mix, and they usually have controls so you can make any adjustments based on the acoustics of the room.

A Complete Powered Sound System with PA Speakers Plus Subwoofers

Of course, you can also hook up a fully-fledged PA speaker system complete with subwoofers. In most cases, this means connecting the main output to an active speaker system, amplifier or speaker management system. Drive-in DJs in need of a more compact solution might want to opt for a 2.1 system including two full-range speakers and one sub. Note that if you've got a large room to cover and a big audience to accommodate, it can worth looking for some tailored advice io help decide the number of speakers and subwoofers you'd need.

How Can I Hook Up My DJ Speaker System?

A DJ controller or DJ mixer serves as your main connection hub for your other DJ gear and can feature one or more of the following outputs: RCA (unbalanced), XLR (balanced) and/or 6.3mm jack (balanced or unbalanced). Any of these outputs support a direct link-up, just note that balanced outputs are less sensitive to signal interference and are better suited to bridge longer distance than unbalanced ports. The outputs of your DJ gear can be connected to power amplifiers, active speaker systems, speaker management systems and other audio equipment that can handle line-level signals. | Deals