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Whether you're looking for a new Hi-Fi record player or a DJ turntable, you've come to the right place. At Bax Music, you'll find a wide range of record players as well as essential accessories like vinyl record crates, replacement needles, slipmats, desks, maintenance gear and more.

Record Players and Turntables: What's the Difference?

Technically speaking, record players and turntables have been designed to do the same thing: play back vinyl records. In practice, however, there's a distinction that can be made: turntables refer to the decks that DJs use to spin records, while record players are your every-day devices for simply playing back LPs. This is why DJ turntables often feature a direct-drive system and a tempo slide while regular record players do not.

Important Accessories for DJ Turntables and Record Players

Phono Preamps and Attenuators

While most DJ mixers do have a phono input, a lot of amplifiers, mixers and speakers aren't outfitted with a dedicated input for phono signals. At the same time, not every turntable and record player comes equipped with an internal preamp and RIAA equalizer. As a result, the sound may be too weak. If your record player and amplifier don't match, a phono preamp can help out since it opens up the option to connect a non-preamplified record player to a modern speaker system. For more info, read our blog 'How to Connect a Record Player to an Amplifier or Speaker System'.

Cartridges & Spare Needles

One of the key components of every record and turntable is the cartridge which, in addition to other crucial parts, is home to the needle. Whether you need a new needle (stylus) or you're looking to upgrade the sound or scratch-and-mix performance of your turntable, you'll find what you're after right here.

Vinyl Maintenance Products

Keeping your records free of dust and dirt goes a long way towards a long lifespan and optimum sound reproduction, so don't forget to grab cleaning tools like an anti-static vinyl brush, cleaning spray and some microfibre cloths.

Other Accessories

Other gear you could get with your record player or DJ turntable include flight cases, record cabinets, crates and holders, record bags and cases, and various other record player accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions About Turntables

How much do record players cost?

A straight-up record player for your living room costs between £50 and £100, while the average budget-friendly DJ turntable goes for a couple of hundred quid. Professional models can easily set you back more than a grand.

Which DJ turntable should I go for?

If you're shopping for a DJ turntable, you need to pay attention to the type of model you're looking at. So check if it's a belt-drive or direct-drive model, check if the needle is spherical or elliptical, and look at the shape of the tone-arm. Also, make sure you check the type of cartridge that comes with it and whether or not the model has an integrated phono preamp or an audio interface. If you need a little more help, then see our DJ Turntable Buyer's Guide.

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