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The first DJs worked with turntables, and even with the rise of the digital age, there are still a lot of musicians out there who prefer vinyl. If you're looking to buy a DJ turntable, then you're going to have to decide whether your want a direct drive turntable or a belt drive turntable. Belt drive record players are great for beginners and for folks who want to listen to records at home. A direct drive turntable, however, has an important advantage in that it is powered directly by the motor, instead of via a belt. The result is that the platter (the part where you put the LP) is back up to speed almost immediately after a DJ makes a correction. As such, you're ultimately going to want to have direct drive turntable in your setup if you're really serious about DJing. If you'd like to have less resistance when manipulating your vinyl, then you'll also want to replace the rubber mat with a slipmat. Not only do slipmats make DJing easier, but they also give your setup a personalised look. You can find more accessories, such as turntable styluses and cartridges, DJ mixers and DJ headphones in our DJ gear and effects category.

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