Road Ready RRDJCD12W flightcase for a complete DJ set

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Road Ready RRDJCD12W flightcase for a complete DJ set Product no.: PROD-RRDJCD12W


The brand that knows everything about flightcases has released yet another masterpiece. Road Ready has launched the RRDJCD12W. It's name might sound complicated, but it is a case that can be easily packed with DJ gear. The case has room for two larger CD players (CDJ800/850/900/1000, RMP-1/2/3, S3500/3700/HS5500) and a 12 inch mixing console (DJM600/700/800, RMX40, Xone:42/92, NUO5/Evo4, DDM4000, SMX2/3). The flightcase can be easily transported thanks to the in-line wheels and handle. It's also equipped with cable ports to neatly store your cables away. The flightcase is made from a solid, wooden construction that is finished with an aluminium profile, two in-line wheels, ball corners, a detachable lid with hinge and two butterfly locks to lock the lid. The interior of the case is fitted with foam to firmly hold the players and mixer together and to protect them from shocks and bumps. The front of the case is clearly fitted with a few panels. You can detach these panels when the DJ set is being used. In this way, you can easily insert CDs into the slots and use the headphones connector of the mixing console. This is the ultimate solution to protect your valuable DJ set!

Tips or comments about this product

- Please note: flightcases are supplied without equipment or accessories, unless the product text specifically states otherwise.

Warranty period
This product comes with a manufacturing defects warranty.

Product features

  • Weight (incl. packaging) 17.8 kg
  • Dimensions (incl. packaging) 111.0 x 29.0 x 49.0 cm

Product specifications

- robust flightcase
- finished with aluminium profile, butterfly locks and ball corners
- equipped with 2 in-line wheels and a handle for easy transport
- provides room for a 12-inch mixer and 2 larger players
- fit for CDJ800/850/900/1000, RMP-1/2/3, S3500/3700 etc.
- fit for DJM600/700/800, RMX40, Xone:42/92, NUO5/Evo4, DDM4000, SMX2/3 etc.
- fitted with cable ports
- dimensions:
- exterior dimensions lid: ,1102 x 473 x 98 mm
- exterior dimensions bottom: 1,102 x 473 x 128 mm
- interior dimensions lid: 1,030 x 410 x 70 mm
- interior dimensions bottom: 1,030 x 410 x 75 mm
- weight: 17.1 kg


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