DAP DJ Set Flight Cases

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With this durable flightcase, you won't have to spend hours setting your DJ installation up, and transport will go a lot quicker as well! Your gear is well protected against scratches and dents during transport.

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Every DJ obviously wants to give away the best possible show and with this flightcase that will be even easier. You can just leave your DJ gear in the case with all the cables connected. Ideal for transport and protection of your devices.

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A luminous flightcase with RGD LEDs is not an everyday sight! This DAP Moodcase is fit for larger Pioneer DJ gear like the DJM900 and 2x CDJ2000nxs.

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Hit the road with your DAP DJ set (CORE with 2x CDMP-750) with this durable flightcase by DAP! With recesses for CD trays, wheels for trolley function and adjustable compartments for various mixers.

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10 weeks
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