Magma DJ Set Flight Cases

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This case is a true jack-of-all-trades. Many popular DJ controllers (and a laptop) fit this flightcase. Made of wood with aluminium hardware and features a gliding platform and straps for the laptop.

Delivered in 7 weeks.
7 weeks

Do you have a large DJ controller by Pioneer or Numark, for instance? You can perfectly transport it with this Magma case. Made of strong 9mm wood, with aluminium hardware. Fitted with ball corners.

Available in 10 business days.
10 business days

This rugged, practical flightcase is intended for the Pioneer DDJ-SX. Features gliding platform for a laptop and has room for two tabletop CD players and a mixer. Made of 9mm plywood, aluminium and has stackable ball corners.

Available in 8 business days.
8 business days
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