Daslight DVC 3 Gold DMX software package

Daslight DVC 3 Gold DMX software package Product no.: NIC-DVC3GOLD Warranty period: This product comes with a 3-year warranty.


Daslight DVC 3 is a DMX software program with all functions on board that you might need as a light jockey. In the extensive fixture library you can find your lighting and drag it to the right DMX address. Once this is done, you can instantly see all functions with a number of presets, so that you don't have to mess about with DMX values. You can intuitively program the show and with the help of the effect generator you can easily create tight light shows. The DMX software can be used to create smooth panning and tilting movements for scanners and moving heads, that you would never be able to get if you're programming with an ordinary DMX controller!

Scenes & effects

Neat effects for LED PARs are provided too! You can fine-tune these to your liking. As soon as the desired scenes are programmed, you can trigger each scene individually with your mouse, keyboard or via MIDI. Multiple scenes can be played simultaneously, so that you needn't incorporate all your lighting effects in just the one scene. All in all, this user-friendly software lets you create a professional light show with minimal effort!

DVC 3 Gold pack

The DVC 3 Gold pack features 2 DMX connectors, of which one is the fixed output, and the other can be used as an input or output. The interface can also be used in stand-alone mode after downloading the scenes to your interface, so that you can play shows without a PC or laptop. With the help of the built-in clock you can start or end scenes at any desired time.

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Product features

  • Weight (incl. packaging) 1.5 kg
  • Dimensions (incl. packaging) 18.7 x 5.6 x 24.8 cm

Product specifications

  • complete DMX software package
  • 1x DMX output with 512 channels
  • 1x DMX input with 512 channels (can be used as an output with XLR gender changer, so that you are provided with 1,024 channels)
  • 512 DMX channels in stand-alone mode
  • with 64K internal memory for stand-alone mode
  • clock and calendar functionality provided in stand-alone mode
  • over 8,000 steps/scenes/cues
  • 2 scroll knobs allow you to switch between scenes, programs and sequences
  • compact LED display
  • HE10 trigger for external signals (8 trigger actions, or 255 trigger actions for binary control)
  • software included (virtual controller + limited Virtual 3D simulator)
  • mini USB connector (supplied with USB cable, power adapter not included)
  • compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8 32/64-bit


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The Daslight Virtual Controller 4 is coming!

Thursday 24 September 2015 by Ton

They've talked about it and teased us about it, but finally, it's on its way. The Daslight Virtual Controller 4, a.k.a. the DCV4. According to Daslight, this fourth generation of its renowned software will have undergone the biggest update yet. We can't wait!


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