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Everyone who has a drummer for a neighbour or housemate dreams of silent drums. No matter how good your drumming is, sometimes the people around you need some peace and quiet. But how can you dampen your drum set? Well, there are a few ways to dampen both your drums and your cymbals.

For starters, you can replace your regular drum heads with mesh heads. Mesh heads have a similar response but don't produce sound. If you'd like, you can use triggers to transfer your attacks into digital drum sounds. If you're looking for a less drastic solution, then you might be interested in drum mutes. These are easy to attach to your cymbal or drum and work to greatly reduce the volume of your playing. Practice pads offer another convenient solution, especially if you specifically want to work on your snare or bass drum technique, for instance.

Besides lowering the volume of your drums, dampening can also function to alter the sound of your instrument. Be sure to check our the rest of our range of drum accessories, while you're at it! | customise your kick drumhead