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Snare Drum Batter Head

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The perfect snare drumhead, the 14-inch Fazley DRH-14" WC has a white powdered coating.
In stock
In stock
Remo's AX-0114-00 Ambassador X Coated 14-inch drumhead has a single ply that is 12 mils thick. That means more attack, more room for the mid tones and extra stick rebound.
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In stock
The VE-0114-00 is a reissue model by Remo. This 14" snare or tom head gives you the sound and feel of the original Remo Emperor heads. Both bright-sounding and highly durable, this drumhead is a great choice.
In stock
In stock
The Remo VE-0112-00 is a 12-inch batter head for you snare or toms. It offers a clear, bright sound with warm undertones. This Vintage Emperor sounds just l