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At Bax Music, we've got everything you need for drumming and percussion. Drums might be the most important part of modern day music. After all, the beat has been a key part of virtually every song since the jazz age and it takes up a central position in most electronic music too. As such, it makes sense that the drum kit was one of the first acoustic instruments to have a digital version. With a drum machine, you can program the rhythmic foundation for your tracks, both in the comfort of your home studio and live on stage.

If you're a 'real' drummer though, don't worry! Plenty of people still want drummers who play on real drum kits, whether it's an acoustic model or an electronic one. The sound produced on a drum kit is also partly influenced by the Drumsticks & Mallets used as well as the drumheads. We also stock a large variety of cymbals for drum kits, as well as many different pedals and a wide range of drum hardware, such as stands. You'll also find other kinds of percussion instruments and marching drums on our website.

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