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Drums might be the most important part of modern day music. After all, the beat has been a key part of virtually every song since the jazz age and it takes up a central position in most electronic music. As such, it makes sense that the drum kit was one of the first acoustic instruments that was imitated digitally. With a drum computer you can now program the rhythmic foundation for your tracks, both in the comfort of your home studio and live on stage.

Not to worry, though. Plenty of people still play on physical drum kits as well, whether it's an acoustic drum kit or an electronic drum kit. The sound produced by a real drum kit is also partly influenced by the drum sticks or mallets and drum heads that are used. Furthermore, we also stock a large variety of cymbals for your drum set, as well as many different pedals and a wide range of drum hardware, such as stands. You'll also find other kind of percussion instruments and marching drums.

If you'd like some help choosing an electronic drum kit, or if you're curious about the advantages and disadvantages of electronic vs acoustic drum kits, check out our electronic drum kit buyers guide!

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