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Acoustic Drums

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From pop to jazz to salsa to death metal, the beat of the drum is the pulse of every musical genre there is. Whether you're the backbone of the band or at home practising, if you're a drummer, nothing feels better than letting go and just grooving to your own beat. We carry a wide selection of drums made of different materials, in different models by different brands for beginners to advanced drummers. A small budget doesn't have to be an obstacle to your dream of becoming a drummer! Acoustic (meaning not electrical or digital) drum sets come in all shapes and sizes, from complete sets to individual toms, snares, bass drums, cymbals and marching band drums. Every so often, you may need to replace parts of your drum kit or percussion set. When that happens, it's good to know you can find all the drum parts you need right here at Bax-shop! Good-quality cases and covers are also a good idea to invest in, as they protect your drums and allow you to transport them easily and quickly.

If you're new to drumming, it would probably be a good idea to try a drum kit out first before investing in one, to be sure it really does make your heart beat faster! We also carry a selection of electric drum kits, which certainly have their advantages as well!

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