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In this drums category, you can find separate cymbals for your acoustic drum kit. A basic drum kit has at least hi-hat cymbals, a crash cymbal and often a ride cymbal as well. Yet, this category also includes the famous raw-sounding china cymbals and the small splash cymbals.

Cymbals like crashes and rides are available in a very wide range of sizes and gauges. Thin cymbals sound fuller and lower and respond more quickly, whereas heavier cymbals produce a higher volume and are easier to control. In addition, the larger the diameter, the higher the volume of the cymbals and the more sustain they have. Another very important factor for sound is the gradual change of thickness from the edge of the cymbal towards the middle.

The pitch is mainly influenced by the vertical distance from the edge of the cymbal to the bottom of the bell. A high profile means a higher pitch. Do not forget to add a reliable stand and good protection to your order. Also check out our category drum hardware for the required cymbal stands.


Not sure which cymbal is right for you? Have a look at the Buyers Guide: How Do I Choose the Right Cymbals?


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