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If you want to order drumheads, just read this bit of information and you'll be well prepared. The drumhead is the first part of a percussion instrument that will vibrate. You can strike it with a drum stick or mallet, after which a possible resonant head also starts to vibrate. The kettle receives these vibrations and resonates the sound as well as possible, thus amplifying the instrument. Most drumheads for percussion instruments are made of polyester. A well-known manufacturer of drumheads is Remo.

Choose a diameter that fits the size of your drum, percussion or concert percussion instrument, and, if possible, choose between a coated or clear drumhead. Coated drumheads have a special coating that produces a warmer sound with a more distinctive 'tick' and a shorter sustain. Clear or transparent drumheads produce a brighter sound and have a longer sustain. If you want, you can attenuate the sound of your drums by means of dampening rings and bass drum mufflers.

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