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Drums Starter Sets

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Available in 11 business days.
11 business days
The Alesis Nitro Mesh electronic drum kit starter set comes with everything new drummers need. That means as well as the kit, a drum stool, headphones and drumsticks are included too. The mesh heads allow you to practise quietly.
Delivered in 20 weeks.
20 weeks
This Mapex Tornado TND5044TC-DK starter set has everything a beginning drummer needs. It comes with a drum kit, cymbals, hardware, a drum stool, a bass drum pedal, drumsticks and even a stick bag.
In stock
In stock
Ludwig's LC178X025DIR Questlove Pocket Kit starter set is made for young drummers. It comes with everything that's needed including drums, stands, cymbals, pedals, a drum stool, drumsticks and a stick bag.
Discontinued, this product can no longer be ordered.
This drum kit starter set by Pearl is perfect for beginning drummers. Instead of having to choose all of the different parts yourself, Pearl has done the hard work for you by putting together a great package.
Discontinued, this product can no longer be ordered.
Dimavery's DS-200 is a complete starter set for drummers. As well as a drum kit consisting of a 22-inch bass drum, a 14-inch snare, 12 and 13-inch toms and a 16-inch floor tom, it comes with stands, cymbals and a drum stool.
Available in 10 business days.
10 business days
This electronic drum kit starter set begins with Fazley's DDK-100. It's a great-sounding electronic drum kit that's perfect for practising at home. The set also includes a drum stool, a pair of drumsticks and headphones.
Available in 14 business days.
14 business days
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