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Made to capture the loud and deep sound of a drum kit, the AKG P2 dynamic instrument microphone focusses specifically on low frequencies and shapes clear, tight sound.
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The AKG D12VR is an excellent bass drum microphone (based on the classic D12), specialised in the very pure reproduction of low frequencies. When the phantom power is turned on, you can choose from 3 active filters.

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To comprehensively amplify drums, a full range of drum mics is needed. This set gives you everything in one go - a P2 for the kick, four P4s for snare and toms and two P17s for overhead use.
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Approx. 12 weeks
The D112 by AKG is one of the most popular bass drum mics in the world, and this AKG D112 MKII is its second incarnation. It easily picks up the powerful, deep sounds of a kick drum, bass cabinet or trombone.
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Most microphones are specifically made for instruments, vocals or drums. AKG understands that this is not necessary per se, however, and with the P4 they have created a microphone that perfectly picks up drums, vocals and wind instruments.
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Approx. 13 business days
This microphone is a dream-come-true for anyone who spends a lot of time amplifying bands. This microphone has been developed so that it can pick up wind as well as string instruments. It is, however, also fit for drums and percussion.
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Approx. 3 weeks
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