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Jabra Step BT stereo Bluetooth headphones

Jabra Step BT stereo Bluetooth headphones Product no.: 9000-0015-0480 Warranty period: This product comes with a 3-year warranty.


Jabra’s Step BT stereo headphones are the perfect device for enjoying your music wirelessly. You can stream music from your smartphone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth. The earpieces are angled to block out peripheral sound. The special flexible hooks go around your ears, evenly distributing the weight of the headphones. Thanks to the remote control in the cable you can also use these headphones as a headset for your mobile phone.

Ideal on the go

The remote allows you to browse through your music and turn the volume up or down. You can charge the Jabra Step with the included USB cable. Fully charged, you can use it as a headset for phone calls for up to four hours. To make sure they’ll fit every ear, three pairs of differently sized gel earplugs are included. What’s more, these headphones are dust and rain resistant, making them perfect for outdoor use.


Product features

  • Active noise reduction no
  • Wireless yes
  • Rotatable earpiece no
  • Headphone construction closed
  • In/on/over-ear in-ear
  • Includes microphone yes
  • Collapsible yes
  • Cable length 50-99 cm
  • Colour black
  • Maximum frequency 20 - 20.9 kHz
  • Minimum frequency 20 - 21 Hz
  • Changeable caps yes
  • Volume control yes

Weight and dimensions including packaging

  • Weight (incl. packaging) 183.7 gr
  • Dimensions (incl. packaging) 8.9 x 4.5 x 18.2 cm

Product specifications

  • Jabra Step Bluetooth headphones
  • in-ear headphones
  • Bluetooth version 4.0
  • charge via the included USB cable
  • battery life: up to 4 hours of continuous use
  • standby time: up to 6 days
  • distance: up to 10 metres
  • connects with up to 8 devices (2 simultaneously)
  • includes 3 sets of ear buds
  • dust and water resistant
  • cable length: 75 cm
  • weight: 16.5 grams
  • 10mm dynamic speaker
    • sensitivity: 95 dB
    • impedance: 32 ohms
    • frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
    • maximum output: 3 mW / 20 mW
  • microphone: 
  • 4 mm, omni-directional
  • sensitivity: 42 dB
  • frequency range: 100 Hz - 10 kHz


There are no reviews for this product yet.


No More Headphone Plug for the iPhone 7?

Saturday 10 September 2016 by Lizanne

As many of you know, the iPhone 7 is hitting the shelves on September 16th. Slowly but surely, we're getting an idea of what to expect. This new piece of technology is dust and splash proof, and offers the ability to record 4K video in 30 fps, which is all well and good. The most remarkable update of this new phone is the fact that it does not have a mini jack headphone output any more. Does this mean you're forced to use the included set of standard Lightning earphones? Will you have to buy an adapter if you want to listen to your tunes and charge your iPhone at the same time? Are you dependent on those expensive AirPods Bluetooth headphones? Find out here!


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