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Lots of professional studio equipment like amplifiers, compressors, equalizers, and channel strips are designed to fit a 19-inch rack system. In this category, you'll find flight cases, flight bags, and racks that are suitable for 19-inch devices. To make the best use of space in your studio, and to keep everything within reach, studio gear is usually installed in a metal 19-inch rack construction. When it comes to height, rack devices are measured in units (U). The number of U tells you how much space any given device will take up in your rack. We also carry 19-inch flight cases, which work by the same principle. These cases have the same standard rack width and feature 19-inch rack profiles. You can expand on them as well with 19-inch plates, adapters, and other rack components. Looking for separate parts like handles, wheels, or latches? Take a look at our selection of flight case parts. Would you prefer a custom-built flight case? No problem! Bax Music offers a special custom-made flight case building service to suit your needs!

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