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Audio equipment, lighting fixtures, microphones, stands - you name it: any sensitive and expensive touring gear will always need solid protection on the road, and what better protection can you get than a custom flight case built using your own fair hands?

Ready-Made or DIY Flight Cases

To store and transport gear with maximum peace of mind, you'll need the right flight case. These strong, heavy-duty cases are built to protect whatever's packed inside from shocks and knocks, dust, dirt, water and other damaging external factors. Whether you need to store or pack up and load out audio or lighting gear, you'll be able to find the right ready-made flight case in our range, no matter your needs or your budget. But if you need to provide your specialised gear with a more customised fit, then why not build your very own made-to-measure flight case?

Why Build or Customise a Flight Case

Building your own or customised a flight case offers a number of benefits. While buying a pre-built flight case is definitely easier, you might want stackable corners, wider profiles, or thicker foam lining the interior. You might want to replace the latches with a more reliable set, or you know you'll need more comfortable handles or even some removable panels. While you could get a flight case made that includes all of the features that you need, it can actually get pretty expensive, and since building a flight case is not actually as hard as you might think, you might as well do it yourself.

Finding the Right Flight Case Parts: From Wood & Screws to Profiles & Tools

If you've decided to take the plunge and have already started designing your custom flight case, it's time to figure out what parts you'll need for the job. In our webstore, you'll find every part you'll need, including wooden panels, screw packs, and even the necessary tools. Here, you don't just get the pick of a massive of array of flight case parts, but a range of parts made by the best manufacturers, including DAP, Tente and the industry standard Penn Elcom.

Penn Elcom: The Industry Standard

Why go for parts made by Penn Elcom? The answer is pretty simple. The name already stands for high quality, no matter the product and no matter how big or small the part. Whether it's a ball-corner, profile, or butterfly latch, every Penn Elcom component has been designed and built to meet the highest standards, and always using the most durable materials.

Self-Build: A Cheaper Flight Case, 100% Made-to-Measure

By building your own flight case, you get to make sure that it's constructed with care and accuracy. You get to pick out the wooden panels, decide how thick you need the walls to be and you get to choose the profiles and hinges and slot them all together yourself. Of course, the vulnerable corners will need reinforcing either with covers or stackable ball corners. And don't forget about the interior: it'll need to be lined with foam that's strong enough to protect your gear from scuffs and scratches. And what about handles? Maybe you want to fit a set of castor wheels to make loading extra-easy? No matter what essentials, add-ons and extras you need, you'll find them all right here at Bax Music.

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