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General Hire Conditions

The following general terms and conditions regard the hiring of gear from Bax Music.

General Terms & Conditions

1. These hire plan conditions are applicable to any rental agreement made between Bax-Shop.nl B.V. and the renter.

2. Bax-Shop.nl B.V. remains the owner of any rented product and accessories at all times until the duration of the rental agreement is fully terminated and therafter, unless the renter arranges a hire purchase agreement.

Hire price and payment

3. The hire or rental price including VAT is equal to a 15th of the price displayed on the Bax Music webshop including VAT at the moment the hire agreement is made and shall be rounded up to whole pounds sterling.

4. At the start of the rental agreement, a deposit is required amounting to 1/3rd (one third) of the price as displayed on the Bax Music webshop, including VAT, rounded up to whole pounds sterling.

5. The deposit, remaining a month's rent, and the following month's rent must be paid before the delivery of any product. This payment is made via a secure payment link and the bank account number used for this payment must match that used for the subsequent direct debit. 

6. The rental price shall be collected from this bank account on or around the 28th of each month as payment for the following month. 

Duration and ending of the rental agreement

7. The rental agreement begins at the moment that the first payment of the deposit, remaining month's rent, and following month's rent is successfully completed. 

8. The minimal rental period is 4 months and this is tacitly extended by one month rolling. 

9. The notice period for cancelling the agreement is at least 1 month.

10. If a direct debit cannot be carried out successfully, the tenant will receive a one-time reminder to pay the rent within 5 working days. If payment is not received on time, Bax-Shop.nl B.V. reserves the right to claim the rented property at the expense of the renter. The rental agreement is then terminated at the time the rented product is received by Bax-Shop.nl B.V. in its central warehouse. Any rental installments and additional costs are still due and will be recovered from the renter. 

11. If at the end of the rental period the tenant returns the products in technically good condition, the deposit paid by the renter to Bax-Shop.nl B.V. will be refunded. Any defects found at the end of the rental period and deemed not due to the wear and tear of normal use will be charged to the tenant and first deducted from the paid deposit.

12. The renter must keep all original packaging. If the original product box is not included when the product is returned, Bax-Shop.nl B.V. will deduct the subsequent cost incurred from the paid deposit.


13. The hired product shall be delivered to the delivery address provided by the renter.

Liability of the renter

14. For the duration of the rental agreement, the renter is fully liable for any damage caused to the rented product(s) and is obliged to use the product(s) responsibly. Any damage caused the rented product(s) during the rental period is at the risk of the renter. 

Repairs and maintenance

15. Any defects or need for repairs must be reported to the Bax-Shop.nl B.V. customer service helpdesk. Any defects or repairs needed that do not fall under the warranty conditions are the responsibility of the renter. Under no circumstances may the renter carry out any repairs or have any repairs carried out on the rented product(s) prior to the receipt of the written consent of Bax-Shop.nl B.V.

16. The normal and standard maintenance of the rented product(s) in accordance with social regulations is the responsibility of the renter. Any wear and tear to consumables like drums sticks, batter heads and strings are not covered by the rental agreement and are at the tenant's expense. 

Purchase following the rental period

17. The renter may decide to purchase the rented product(s) following notice of termination and payment of the minimum rental period. The purchase price is calculated by deducting 50% of the rental fee already paid as calculated according to the price displayed on the Bax Music webshop at the time the agreement was first made. The purchase price will in no case be lower than £0.00.


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