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Besides a massive range of electric guitar and amplifiers, we also offer an array of amplifier-based essentials. This includes everything from amplifier stands to replacement valves and parts.

Parts, Covers & Amplifier Stands for Amp Heads & Combos

Our amplifier accessory department also includes guitar amplifier speakers to support upgrades and DIY build projects as well as plenty of replacement valves for the preamp and power amp sections. You'll also find plenty of guitar amplifier covers and cases for protecting touring amps, and even if you're looking for a set of wheels or a replacement handle for your amplifier case, you'll find it here. To get the best performance out of your amp, we also have purpose-designed amplifier stands for both the stage and rehearsal room, and so you can quickly switch channels and toggle built-in effects, we also have every flavour offootswitch you'll ever need. Attenuators and loadboxes have also been included, and if you're looking for something really specific but can't find it here, then feel free to complete our Spare Part order form and we'll be glad to see if we can get hold of it for you. | Hire a Guitar