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So guitars can be tuned, manufacturers equip them with machine heads. Whether you're working on a custom build or want to replace the knackered, factory-installed machine heads of your trusty guitar, you've come to the right place.

Guitar Tuners

Machine heads usually differ in terms of looks, material, finish and type. Besides the standard sealed, self-lubricating tuners, there are 'locking tuners': machine heads that offer enhanced tuning stability as well as an easier time replacing the strings. If you want to learn more about locking tuners, check out our blog: Locking Tuners On Your Guitar: How & Why. Lastly, it's worth mentioning that sets of machine heads can also differ depending on the kind of guitar they're designed for. A 12-string guitar, for instance, naturally needs more machine heads than a six-string guitar.

Machine Heads for Acoustic and Electric Guitars

Electric guitar tuners usually come in one of two configurations: 6-in-line like Fender guitars or 3+3 like most Gibsons. You have the pick of various brands and materials for either configuration - just make sure that whatever machine heads you're getting will be compatible with the headstock of your guitar. In some cases, a little drilling is required, or it may be that you simply need some larger tuners. Acoustic guitar machine heads look a lot like 3+3 electric guitar tuners and can often be replaced in the same way. Classical guitars, however, feature more traditional, peg-head machine heads that are easier to replace but are sometimes not as accurate as modern tuners.

Frequently Asked Questions About Machine Heads

How do I install my new machine heads?

Machine heads are rather easy to install using basic tools like a screwdriver and pliers. For a more extensive, step-by-step tutorial, check out our blog: How to Replace the Tuners of Your Guitar.

Which machine heads should I get?

The machine heads you need depends on the guitar you've got. Tuners for acoustic guitars aren't the same as electric guitar tuners, and remember to check whether the machine heads you want will actually slot into the headstock of your guitar. Then, feel free to make your decision based on the aesthetics and extras like the ones you get with locking machine heads. | Bax Music Aftercare Package