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Electro Acoustic Guitar

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Electro Acoustic Guitar information

Electro-acoustic guitars are classical/Spanish or steel-string guitars that can be played amplified or unplugged. As opposed to semi-acoustic guitars and electric guitars, electro-acoustic guitars sound the same whether you play them acoustically or amplified. They can also produce plenty of volume, even when they're not amplified.

In order to amplify the guitar, you'll need to connect it to an acoustic guitar amplifier or a PA system. Thanks to the built-in pickup, you'll only need a cable - no mics required!

A number of the guitars in this category are equipped with an integrated preamp, in addition to a pickup. This allows you to control the volume, bass and treble on the guitar yourself. Many models also feature a built-in tuner. If you want more freedom to move around when you're playing, you should take a look at our wireless instrument systems, which allow you amplify your guitar without using any cables. Be sure to check out our categories guitars and guitar accessories for even more options! 

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