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Most guitar owners invest in an amplifier, a cable, picks, a tuner, a capo and some effects pretty early on. Once you delve into this category, however, you'll find plenty of new guitar accessories that you're going to wonder what you ever did without! If you do any amount of travelling with your instrument, you're going to want to have a gig bag or hard case, for instance. For when your guitar is at home or in the studio, on the other hand, it's a good idea to display it safely with a wall bracket or Gitaar statief.

Playing is a lot more comfortable with the help of a foot stool - especially if you play classical guitar - and accessories such as string winders and cleaning and maintenance tools make it easy to keep your instrument in the best condition possible. We also have accessories for effect pedals, such as power adapters, which can be found in the category Guitar Effects. If you want to repair or upgrade your guitar, you might want to take a look at our large category of guitar components

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