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Since it can be played in all styles of music, the guitar is one of the most popular string instruments there is. On this page, you'll find a complete overview of the various guitars in our range, plus any and all related accessories.

Want to buy a guitar? Bax Music is your go-to guitar specialist!

Bax Music is one of the largest guitar stores in Europe and we seek to give you nothing short of a sweety-shop fully stocked for all playing levels! From chord-strumming beginners and straight-up country players to nimble fret-ninja-veterans and cerebral math-rockers, our staggering range has everyone covered. Whether you play electric or acoustic; at home or in the studio; the local pub or a national arena, we have every flavour of guitar and accessory available to tempt all appetites and budgets.

Acoustic and Electric Guitars

Simply put, there are two different kinds of guitars: acoustic guitars and electric guitars. The 'standard' electric guitar for rock would be your so-called solid-body electric guitar, which produces sound with the help of a guitar amplifier plus one or more built-in pickups, and is able to deliver a vast array of altered sounds when hooked up to external guitar effects. Besides solid-bodies, there are also hollow-body electric guitars, which are commonly referred to as semi-acoustic guitars and shape a more open, warm and lush foundation sound fit for styles like jazz and rock & roll. For lefties, we have left-handed guitars in all flavours while, for bassists, we have an all-encompassing selection of bass guitars.

Acoustic Guitars: Classical (Spanish) Guitars and Steel-String Guitars

Unlike electric guitars, acoustic guitars don't need any amplification to produce a full sound. The classical or Spanish guitar has the more sound sound of nylon strings and, as the names suggest, is more often used to play classical pieces or Spanish styles, while the clear, bright-sounding steel-string or folk guitar is usually used in pop music. If you're looking for an amped up acoustic guitar with more power or volume to perform on stage, check out our range of electro-acoustic guitars.

Hire a Guitar

If you're itching to play the guitar but want to make sure it's your thing before committing to buying your own, or you've had your eye on a model for months but want to really try it out before paying, why not hire it instead? At Bax Music, we offer you the chance to hire the guitar of your choice for as little as £1 a day with the option of hire purchase. On our guitar rental page you can find out more about pricing and how it all works.


We also have guitar strings, cables, tuners, picks and any other guitar gear you might need such as a stands, straps, soft cases, hard cases and capos.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Guitars

What's the best guitar for beginners?

A good guitar doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. The acoustic steel-string and electric guitars from Fazley as well as the classical guitars crafted by LaPaz offer supreme value for money, making any model by either brand a great starting point for beginners.

How can I learn to play the guitar?

There are countless ways to get to grips with the guitar. You could take lessons with a professional teacher, pick up a guitar lesson book for self-study, or go online to find an infinite amount of practical tips, tutorials and blogs. Don't forget to check out our own beginner's guitar blog while you're at it.

How many strings does a guitar have?

The standard guitar has six strings, whether it's acoustic, semi-acoustic or electric. Nevertheless, you'll find there are also seven, eight and even nine-string electric guitars out there, as well as 12-string acoustic guitars.

How do I tune my guitar using a tuner?

Check out the following blogs for more information about tuning up a guitar:
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How many guitar chords are there?

Don't worry, while there are literally thousands of chords, you'll only need to learn a handful of basic chords to play along to a lot of songs. Dive into our guitar chord blog to learn more.

Which guitar chords are the first I should learn?

There are a few, check out our blog about guitar chords to learn more.
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