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Bax Music is one of the largest guitar stores in Europe and we seek to give you nothing short of a sweety-shop for all playing levels! From chord-strumming beginners to nimble fret-ninja-veterans; straight up country players to cerebral math-rockers, our staggering range really does offer everything you could possibly want. If you play electric or acoustic; at home; in the studio; the local pub or national arena, we have every flavour of guitar and accessory available to tempt all appetites and budgets.

A mouth-watering array of guitars

To be brief, there are two types of guitars: the acoustic guitar and electric guitar . The typical electric guitar has a solid body. Since there is no sound box, a solid-body electric guitar only produces a sound with the help of a guitar amplifier and built-in pick-ups.

With amplification and added guitar effects , electric guitars can produce a range of sounds. 'Hollow body' electric guitars, also known as semi-acoustic guitars also need amplifiers but have a small acoustic sound-box and produce a more open, warm and sultry sound, commonly used for jazz and rock and roll.

In contrast to electric guitars, acoustic guitars don't need any amplification at all in order to produce a full sound. The nylon string guitar, also known as the classical / Spanish guitar has a round sound and is more often used in classical and Spanish music (as the names suggest). The clear, bright sounding steel string / folk guitar is usually used effectively in pop music. If you're looking for an amped up acoustic guitar with more power or volume to use on stage, check out the electro-acoustic guitars.

We also take care of left-handed guitarists and make sure we have as many left-handed guitar models available as possible. While we have an intimidating range of new guitars available, if you're looking for something more vintage and played-in, or if a brand new guitar is a little too expensive, you can browse our range of second-hand guitars. Bass players also have their pick of the latest models, all of which can be found here.


We also have guitar strings, cables, tuners, picks and other any guitar accessory you might ever need such as a stands, straps, soft cases, hard cases and capos.