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Acoustic guitar

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Acoustic guitar information

Types of Acoustic Guitars

There are two main types of acoustic guitars: acoustic guitars with steel strings and classical guitars that have nylon strings. The nylon strings on classical guitars produce a warm, rounded sound that's ideal for classical music and styles like flamenco. Acoustic guitars with steel-strings, on the other hand, have a clear, bright sound that's great for styles like pop, rock, blues and country music.

Stage performers often use electro-acoustic guitars that allow the acoustic sound of their instruments to be easily and accurately amplified. Electric guitars and semi-acoustic guitars rely much more on their pickups and electronics to define the sounds they make.

Acoustic guitar accessories

When buying an acoustic guitar, it can also be handy to purchase a spare set of guitar strings. Make sure you buy steel strings or nylon strings depending on the instrument you go for. Other accessories that can come in handy include tuners, plectrums, capos, guitar straps, stands and cases.

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