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Acoustic Guitars

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Acoustic Guitars information

There are two main types of acoustic guitars out there: Classical Guitars and Steel-String Guitars. Classical guitars have nylon strings and produce a warm, spacious sound that is suited for classical music and flamenco. Steel-string guitars, on the other hand, feature steel strings (of course), and produce a clear, bright sound that's great for pop, rock, blues and country music.

Stage performers often use Electro-Acousti Guitars, so they can get the acoustic sound they like without having to mic their whole setup. The difference between electro-acoustic guitars and Electric Guitars and Semi-Acoustic Guitars, is that the build and body of an electro-acoustic guitar determine its sound, where the pickups and electronics determine the sound of electric and semi-acoustic guitars. 

We also offer acoustic Guitar Strings, Tuners and Guitar Picks, together with Guitar Accessories such as capos, straps, stands and cases.

If you'd like some more information about choosing a classical guitar or an electro-acoustic guitar, be sure to check out our buyers guides! 

If you're interested in buying a steel-string guitar and aren't sure where to start, we invite you to check out our Steel-string Guitar Buyers Guide

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