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Electric Guitar

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Electric Guitar information

Electric guitars are available in two different types: the solid-body ('regular' electric guitars) and the hollow body, or semi-acoustic guitars. The solid-body is by far the most popular type. In contrast to the solid-body models, semi-acoustic guitars have a partially open body. Both types achieve their distinct sound with a guitar amplifier and pickup (or pickups) that are mounted underneath the strings in the guitar's body.

The sound of electro-acoustic guitars is coloured by its pickups and amp, which essentially enhances its core sound. Furthermore, many guitarists often use guitar effects to further expand their arsenal of sounds. Another practical addition to your setup might be a wireless system to replace those cumbersome guitar cables. Of course, besides a guitar amplifier, you'll need a few more accessories. For instance, many guitarists use guitar picks and tuners, as well as accessories such as guitar stands, guitar straps and guitar gig bags.

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