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A guitar amplifier is an electric guitar's best friend and biggest supporter. After all, amps are responsible for giving electric guitars their volume, but even more importantly, their timbre. A combo consists of an amplifier and a speaker in one compact housing, and is ideal for studio and home use. You can also buy the two parts separately, which can be convenient for stage use. Such a setup gives you the loud volumes you need by combining a separate guitar amplifier head with one or more guitar speaker cabinets, which is called a stack. 

Versatile guitarists might alternatively choose to make use of a 19-inch guitar amplifier instead of using a separate amp head. The advantage of 19-inch guitar amps is that they're split up into a preamplifier and a power amplifier, and they can be mounted in a 19-inch rack

Of course, bass players will need a bass guitar amplifier, and guitarists who play an electro-acoustic guitar or electro-acoustic bass guitar would do well to get an acoustic guitar amplifier

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