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You can create just about any guitar or bass guitar sound you want with the right stomp boxes. Get a great growl with an overdrive pedal, use a fuzz pedal for distortion, and create more space in your sound with a chorus, flanger or phaser effect. If you want a neat, tight sound then you'll want to check out our compressor pedals and noise gates, and if you want more volume then we have a wide variety of different boosters. Of course, you can use an EQ pedal to adjust the timbre, too.

If you're looking for some zanier effects, you'll want to check out wah wah pedals, pitch shifters and filter pedals, or you can take it to the next level with synthesizer effects and ring modulators. For ultimate sound flexibility, we recommend trying out a guitar synthesizer. To use a guitar synth, you just mount a special pickup to your guitar so you can conjure up any sound imaginable from the guitar synth and connect MIDI devices or computers.

So have fun looking around and putting together the perfect collection of guitar pedals or bass effects! We also have a great collection of 19-inch effects that can fit in a 19-inch rack, and we've got multi-effect pedals as well. Be sure to check out our pedal boards too, so you can arrange all of your effects just right. 

Check out  our Buyers Guide: How do I Choose the Right Guitar Effects? if you'd like some extra information on the different kinds of effects pedals and the sounds they create!