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Guitar Parts & Tools

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Guitar Parts & Tools information

When the frets, bridge, or nut of your guitar or bass has seen better days, it's a good idea to replace it. In fact, replacing parts of your guitar or bass can be a nice upgrade, improving the playability and the sound. At Bax Music, you can not only find an array of replacement pickups and parts, but all the right tools to get the job done.

Electric Guitar & Bass Pickups & Electronics

A regular candidate for an upgrade is the pickups and electronics. Whether you need a humbucker, a single-coil, or even a P90 for your guitar, or a single-coil, split-coil or dual-coil for your bass, we have plenty to choose from. When it comes to the electronics, you can pick up a fresh pickup switch, volume and tone pot, and all the necessary wiring - even for active as well as passive basses. We also have some pre-wired pickguards so you can quickly swap out your setup and give your sound a boost.

Guitar & Bass Machine Heads & Hardware

The machine heads bear a lot of the strain even when you're not actually playing your guitar or bass, so over time, they can get worn and need replacing. A fresh set of machine heads can also be a really big upgrade on the tuners that your instrument came fitted with as standard and can vastly improve the tuning stability. The intonation can also be vastly improved by swapping out the bridge for a higher quality model, whether it's a fixed bridge, tremolo assembly, or a bridge with a tailpiece. You should also never overlook the benefits of a good nut, and if a control pot or your tremolo arm have gone missing, we can help you out with a compatible replacement.

Acoustic & Classical Guitar Parts

The replaceable parts of acoustic guitars are the nut at the bottom of the headstock and the saddle of the bridge. Replacing a knackered nut or saddle doesn't just help restore the look but can give the sound quality of a steel-string or nylon-string guitar a real boost. With acoustic guitars, the strings are secured at the bridge with a set of bridge pins, which can often disappear or get broken, and upgrading them actually improves the resonance of the instrument. Want to convert an acoustic guitar into an electro-acoustic guitar? You could install a piezo pickup under the saddle and replace the strap button on the base with an end-pin jack socket. If you'd prefer not to make any major changes to your guitar, then you could opt for a soundhole pickup which usually just clips on and can be taken off after the gig.

Bodies, Necks & Complete Build Packs

More intrepid guitarists might want to go even deeper and pick out a separate guitar or bass body or neck as part of a full restoration job, or a fully custom instrument. Want to build an entire guitar from scratch without having to pick out all the parts, pickups, and electronics? Then you could pick up a complete guitar or bass build pack.

Repair & Setup Tools

Need to repair, mod or customise your guitar or bass and really tease it up to the next level? Then you'll need the right tools for the job. Even if you're just setting up your guitar or doing some small jobs, an all-in-one multi-tool, string-changing kit, or extensive guitar or bass maintenance kit can be indispensable. If you lost the truss rod or saddle hex key that came with your model, you can replace it. Basically, whatever tools you need to look after your guitar or bass, you can find them here.

Ordering Special Guitar Parts

If you're looking for a specific guitar part and can't find it in our range, then you can fill out this request form and we'll try to track it down for you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Guitar Parts & Tools

How many parts does a guitar have?

This depends on the model you're looking at. Looking at the essentials, you have the body, the neck, the strings, the nut, the bridge, and the machine heads. But when you start counting the parts of an electric guitar, you can easily reach at least twenty. If you want to know more about fixing, modding, and other bits and pieces about guitars and basses, see our entire guitar blog series.

Why do you need to set up a guitar or bass?

To make sure that your guitar or bass sounds good and plays well, it makes sense to give it a check up every now and then. While setting up your instrument is something you can learn easily enough, if you dare not touch it, you can take it to your local luthier so they can check everything for you.

How do you set up a guitar or bass?

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