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A more-than affordable introduction to the classical guitar, the LaPaz 002 1/2 sets up any young beginner with warm sound and the comfortable playing feel of lower tension, nylon strings.
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Beginners aged 8 and up are able to enjoy the smooth playing feel of a matte finish and the rich tone of a solid soundboard, whether amplified or unplugged. The 3/4-sized Fazley W100NE electro-acoustic guitar comes fitted with a Fishman Presys II preamp.
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The Fazley W120 ColourTune Series electro-acoustic guitar puts pure and warm acoustic tone within affordable reach, whether you're playing on stage or in your bedroom.
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With the NTX5, Yamaha present a high quality, Japanese-built classical guitar for steel-string guitarists looking for an eased transition to a contemporary electro-acoustic nylon-string guitar.
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