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Headphones come in all shapes and sizes. Whether they're large, bulky over-ears or small in-ear plugs, they can provide a great personal listening experience. They're not just for the casual consumer, either, as producers, DJs and musicians also use them extensively, both live on stage and in the studio.

Type of headphones

Studio headphones are mostly commonly used for music production purposes, where they're often used in conjunction with studio monitor speakers. They have a very neutral sound, meaning you will get an honest reproduction of your music. DJs who want to complement their DJ gear with durable, well-isolating headphones with deep bass and high volume can use our special DJ headphones. Home audio headphones are designed for non-professional use at home or on the road. These are often wireless or have an ultra-stylish design. In-ear monitors are used with an in-ear monitor system thanks to an ergonomic fit, isolation and audio quality that is essential with intensive use. Home audio earphones & in-ear headphones are used for multi-media applications like listening to music on your phone, iPod or portable player. The broadcast headphones have a built-in gooseneck microphone and are used professionally in radio and TV studios, as well as by gamers, DJs and internet communication.

Noise-cancelling headphones

Something that's becoming increasingly popular in headphones is what's known as the noise-cancelling feature, which is basically active noise suppression. Noise-cancelling headphones cover the ears completely and effectively keep ambient noise to a minimum. The electronics required for this is powered by batteries or via a built-in rechargeable battery. On a full battery, it should function for about a day. You can also turn noise-cancelling off. Headphones with this functionality do not completely shut out ambient sound, but you will notice that the noise level will decrease significantly, especially with constant sounds like the sound of an airplane cabin or a running engine. (It is highly recommended not to use noise-cancelling headphones in traffic.) You will be able to enjoy your music, or get some peace and quiet in a noisy environment.


Keep your headphones in perfect condition with headphone bags, holdersand replacement parts. Finally, with our assortment of adapter plugs , you can connect your headphones many different devices, making them even more versatile.

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