Ricatech RR3100 classic LED jukebox

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Ricatech RR3100 classic LED jukebox Product no.: 9000-0020-6252 Warranty period: This product comes with a 3-year warranty.


The Ricatech RR3100 classic LED jukebox creates the perfect atmosphere in any room and offers outstanding sound quality too. The crystal-clear sound of this RR3100 is a big improvement on its predecessor, the RR2100. Play music from 33, 45 and 78 RPM records, CDs , MP3s, USB sticks, SD cards or listen to the AM/FM radio on this LED lit jukebox, the possibilities are endless!

USB and SD ports

Use the USB port or SD card slot to play music from a USB stick or SD card, and use the controls to play, forward, skip, or rewind your songs. U can also digitise your records and CDs to a USB stick to preserve them for all eternity.

Light effects

Fill any room with the bright coloured LEDs from the RR3100, and set the right mood every time with the five-coloured lights and various effects. There is simply nothing that can trump a good old jukebox!

Tips or comments about this product

  • Please note: any pictured accessories and models other than the RR3100 serve illustrative purposes only and are not included.


Product features

Power adapter ungrounded flat Europlug

The weight and dimensions include packaging

  • Weight (incl. packaging) 45.0 kg
  • Dimensions (incl. packaging) 70.0 x 50.0 x 120.0 cm

Product specifications

  • jukebox
  • record player: plays 33, 45 and 78 RPM records
  • CD player
  • digital AM/FM PLL radio
  • line in (mini jack)
  • line out (mini jack)
  • five-colour LED light
  • gorgeous wooden finish
  • spectacular light effects
  • stereo speakers: 2x 1.5 W
  • power supply: AC 12V 500mA cable (included) or AA batteries (not included)
  • dimensions: 65.5 x 41.3 x 111.7 cm
  • weight: 40.2 kg
  • colour: brown


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