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Celebrate National Kazoo Day with Bax Music!

National Kazoo Day

Happy Kazoo day!

The kazoo is becoming an increasingly popular instrument, so Bax Music has decided to bring National Kazoo Day to the UK! In the United States, people have been quite fond of the kazoo for a while now. In fact, the instrument is so popular that since 2003, January 28th has been named National Kazoo Day. All the more reason to introduce this special day to the UK as well!

Already own a kazoo?

Post an action pic or video of yourself playing the kazoo on social media and use the hash tag #KAZOODAY.

Don't own a kazoo yet?

You can order a kazoo from Bax Music for just a couple of pounds! 


We're curious about your kazoo skills (Tip: hum, don't blow!). Celebrate this musical day with us!

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