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Keyboard Instruments

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Keyboard Instruments information

Welcome to Bax Music's keyboard instruments section. Here, you'll find the complete assortment of keyboard instruments and accessories we have available.

Types of Keyboard Instruments

If you think about keys and keyboards, it won't take long before you get to pianos, synthesizers or keyboards. Different keyboard instruments differ more in terms of sound, looks and feel than you might expect at first. As a matter of fact, instruments such as the accordion, melodica and keytar also belong in this category.

The common denominator: the keyboard

Instruments featured in this department have at least one thing in common: they're played using a keyboard. These keyboards usually come with classic black and white keys, in varying amounts. We also distinguish between digital and 'classical' keyboard instruments.

Complete your purchase!

If you purchase a keyboard instrument online or in one of our physical stores, it's usually ready for use straight out of the box. Certain accessories, however, can help to increase playing joy and/or comfort a little more. Bax Music has a remarkably large collection of complementary products readily available. First off, a good and comfortable posture on a bench or stool at the appropriate height is the key to long playing sessions. If you're hitting the road with your instrument, a protective bag or flight case could certainly come in handy. And don't forget an amplifier if you need some extra sonic power for live performances! If you want to improve your skills before you start performing in public, make sure to check out our educational sheet music section!

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