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PAR lighting is the traditional basic lighting that can be used for all kinds of applications. Should you decide to use this kind of conventional lighting, you'll come across a pile of options. You can, for instance, choose between an armature with a Raylight reflector or an A1/244 lamp. This 500W lamp is very bright and has a narrow light beam. You can also choose to use an all-glass or pressed glass lamp. These lamps are available in various versions. The abbreviations stand for:

VNSP: Very Narrow Spot. This is the most narrow beam available. This type of lamp is often used with ACL-fourbars, sets that are usually equipped with four armatures with a very narrow light beam in the shape of a fan. It is also used for large mirror balls.
NSP: Narrow Spot. This light beam is relatively narrow but lights a reasonably large surface. It is ideal for discotheques and clubs that don't require the entire room to be lit.
MFL: Medium Flood. This is the most popular version as it produces a beam which is highly visible but also lights up a considerable bit of space. It is ideal for use in discotheques and clubs, for decorative as well as functional purposes.
WFL: Wide Flood. This type of lamp projects a very wide light beam and lights a very large surface. It is less suited for clubs but ideal for lighting large surfaces. | trustpilot