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Are You Ready for DAB+ Digital Radio?

In the near future, old-fashioned AM/FM radio will be replaced by digital radio, also known as DAB radio (Digital Audio Broadcast). DAB protocol has been in development since the '80s, and now it's making room for the more efficient and comprehensive DAB+. DAB+ utilises AAC audio instead of MPEG-2 audio. Because AAC audio deals with available bandwidth more efficiently, other media such as traffic information, program information and slide shows can also be transmitted via DAB+ protocol

DAB+ digital radio

DAB and DAB+

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If you have an older DAB radio, then you won't be able to receive DAB+. Of course, if you have a DAB+ radio you'll be able to receive DAB+, but it's also backwards compatible so that you can receive DAB as well. The transmitters that you can receive with your DAB or DAB+ radio depends on your location, just like with AM/FM radio transmitters.

United Kingdom

There are concrete plans to make a complete transition from analogue radio to DAB+. In addition to urban areas, you will also be able to receive DAB+ radio on most motorways. Click here for more information about the DAB+ transmitters you can currently receive in the United Kingdom. Or, click here to see which DAB+ transmitters are available per postcode.

The Netherlands

You can receive DAB+ radio pretty much anywhere in the Netherlands. There are some connectivity limitations in Northeast Groningen, Zeeuws Flanders, South Limburg, and the Wadden Islands. Toward the end of 2017 there should be sufficient coverage in these areas. For more information, please refer to the overview of which DAB+ transmitters can currently be received in the Netherlands.


DAB radio is available just about everywhere in Belgium, though DAB+ is still in development there. You can read more about the current DAB and DAB+ availability in Belgium here.


They're busy rolling out the DAB+ network in France. DAB+ radio has been available in Paris, Nice and Marseilles since 2014, and the range will expand to the rest of France between now and 2023. If you'd like to know more about which DAB+ transmitters you can currently receive, you can check out this overview. For an overview of scheduled expansions, please follow this link.


Germany already boasts an extensive DAB+ network. In urban areas you can get reception pretty much everywhere, and by the end of 2016 you'll be able to get reception in the German lowlands and on the motorways. Click here for an extensive overview of the DAB+ transmitters that you can currently receive in Germany.


Since the beginning of 2016, about 70% of the Italian population could receive DAB+. The plan is to expand to 90% between now and 2017. You will find a complete overview of DAB+ transmitters that are currently available in Italy here.


Spain began the transition from DAB to DAB+ in 2015. Currently, DAB and DAB+ transmitters can only be received in Madrid and Barcelona. Click here for an overview of DAB and DAB+ transmitters that are currently available in Spain.


DAB is limited to big cities in Sweden. In 2015, the Swedish government decided to wait to switch over from analogue radio to DAB; they want to see how the transition goes in Norway first. You can check out the currently available DAB and DAB+ transmitters in Sweden here.

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