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Musikmesse 2016

What could be more fun for modern musicians and producers than soaking up information on all the latest products? Here at Bax-shop, we like nothing more than making our customers happy, so we already have regular updates for you on the latest developments in music instruments, DJ gear, studio equipment, and PA and lighting. From April 7th to April 10th, we'll have a torrent of news items coming your way, as it's time for the Musikmesse 2016!

Musik Messe 2016

Music convention

The Musikmesse is an annual music convention in Frankfurt, Germany. Each year, countless manufacturers, shops and distributors gather there to show off what they have in store for their customers—with an emphasis on the latest developments. Manufacturers usually try and keep us guessing until the official start of the Messe, but usually some things are 'leaked' in the days leading up to that. Of course, when that happens, we'll be happy to keep you posted!

Latest products

Bax-shop is on watch. We'll not only keep an eye on news outlets, we're also sending a camera team to the Musikmesse 2016 ourselves! The resulting photos and videos will be incorporated in to our comprehensive news overview. In the meantime, our product managers are contacting manufacturers and suppliers, so that we'll have the latest products for you as soon as possible!


We strive to add any newly announced products to our assortment as quickly as we can. Almost every news item will have links to one or more product pages, which usually offer even more information and additional images. If we already know the price of a product, you'll be able to preorder it immediately. It's clear: Bax-shop is the place to be for all modern musicians and producers. If you're not a journalist or don't work for a retailer, but you still want to come to the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, then you're in luck. Starting this year, the Messe is open to the public on all four days!

PLS 2016

The Musikmesse is primarily focused on musical instruments. Guitars, bass guitars, other string instruments, digital pianos, keyboards, drums, DJ gear, and so on. But modern musicians want more! That's why there's also plenty of room for all kinds of recording equipment and accessories. What's more, right next door you'll find the Pro Light+Sound 2016, aka the PLS 2016. That means that PA enthusiasts will find plenty to like, including speakers, microphones and of course lighting equipment.

Musikmesse 2016 news overview

Thursday April 14th

Musikmesse 2016: Danelectro gets Swanky with the '59M Spruce!

Wednesday April 13th

Musikmesse 2016: Headphone Amplifier by Rupert Neve for RNHP
Musikmesse 2016: DPA as Linear and Flexible as Always!
Musikmesse 2016: New Cajons by Sela
Musikmesse 2016: BOSS Connects


Tuesday April 12th

Musikmesse 2016: Fischer Amps In-Ear Stick


Monday April 11th

Musikmesse 2016: Strapped Like a BOSS
Musikmesse 2016: Avantone Pro Presents the Mixphone MP1!


Friday April 8th

Musikmesse 2016: Cort Unveil Limited Edition X Series Model
Musikmesse 2016: Two New Moving Heads from Rush by Martin
Musikmesse 2016: New Tascam Rack Mountable Recorder and Blu-Ray Player
Musikmesse 2016: New 500 Series Modules from DBX
Musikmesse 2016: Allen & Heath Qu-SB digital mixer
Musikmesse 2016: Showtec Releases Three New Versions of their Flexible LED Strip
Musikmesse 2016: RME Announces Four New Products
Musikmesse 2016: Ashdown Retroglide 800 Limited Edition White
Musikmesse 2016: Showtec Expands Phantom Line
Musikmesse 2016: Introducing the D'Addario Micro Soundhole Tuner!
Musikmesse 2016: dB Technologies Opera Series Renovated
Musikmesse 2016: Two New Moving Heads from Rush by Martin
MusikMesse 2016: New Zaor Workstations
Musikmesse 2016: Studiologic Sledge 2.0 Black Edition Synthesizer
Musikmesse 2016: Dance Among the Stars on an Illuminated Dancefloor by Showtec
Musikmesse 2016: the Blackstar HT Limited Edition Half Stack Bronco Tan
Musikmesse 2016: Beyerdynamic Boundary Microphone for Bass Drum
Musikmesse 2016: Latest Effects by MagicFX
Musikmesse 2016: Yamaha TransAcoustic - Revolutionary
Musikmesse 2016: SPL Presents New Director, PQ and Phonitor Models
Musikmesse 2016: Audac Introduces Five New Amplifiers
Musikmesse 2016: a Warm Welcome to Warm Audio!
Musikmesse 2016: Genelec 7360 and 7370 Subwoofers
Musikmesse 2016: Arturia Presents the Versatile and Compact KeyStep
Musikmesse 2016: Casio Expands Celviano Grand Hybrid Series With the GP-400BK
Musikmesse 2016: Lots of New BOSS Products!
Musikmesse 2016: Showtec Battery LED Spots now with WiFi and in Lime!
Musikmesse 2016: Konig & Meyer Presents a Number of New Products
Musikmesse 2016: LEDs for Showtec Sunstrip Active!

Thursday April 7th

Musikmesse 2016: Roland's New Drum Pedals Are Now Even Quieter
Musikmesse 2016: Yamaha Arius Digital Pianos
Musikmesse 2016: dB Technologies Reveals VIO Line Array Series
Musikmesse 2016: IK Multimedia's New Miroslav Philharmonik 2 CE
Musikmesse 2016: Fischer Amps Presents Four New Rhapsody In-Ears
Musikmesse 2016: Roland CUBE Street EX PA Pack: Double the Fun!
Musikmesse 2016: Yamaha Keyboards with Cutting Edge Features
Musikmesse 2016: The Zoom U-44 and U-24 - Size Matters
Musikmesse 2016: the MP2014 - Down to Brass Tacks
Musikmesse 2016: Blackstar FLY 3 Bass Mini Amplifier!

Wednesday April 6th (pre-Messe news)

Musikmesse 2016: HK Audio adds Base Single Speaker Sets to its ELEMENTS Series
MusikMesse 2016: Get Back with Hofner 
Musikmesse 2016: Boomwhackers Expands its Assortment
Musikmesse 2016: New Flagship Casio Keyboards
Musikmesse 2016: It's Reloop's birthday and They're Celebrating!
Musikmesse 2016: Apogee Introduces the ONE for Mac USB Audio Interface
Musikmesse 2016: Pioneer HRM-5 and HRM-6 headphones
Musikmesse 2016: König & Meyer Announces Four New iPad mini 4 Holders
Musikmesse 2016: AKG Presents Top-Quality Studio Headphones
Musikmesse 2016: Sennheiser Introduces the MK 4 Digital USB Studio Condenser Microphone 

Tuesday April 5th (pre-Messe news)

Musikmesse 2016: AKG Reveal the C7 and the Drum Set Concert I Microphone Set
Musikmesse 2016: Ricochets and Robots by Digitech
Musikmesse 2016 HK Audio Expands its PREMIUM PR:O Series
Musikmesse 2016 Blackstar ID:CORE Now with More Power
Musikmesse 2016 Stand-Alone Sampler by Pioneer
Musikmesse 2016: Studio and Stage Must-Haves from DBX
Music Messe 2016: Schertler Unico 250 W
Musikmesse 2016: JBL Eon One - the Portable PA for Musicians and Speakers
Musikmesse 2016: Protect your Instrument with the D'Addario Humiditrak

Monday April 4th (pre-Messe news)

Musikmesse 2016: Korg Presents Sledgehammer Custom 100 Clip-on Tuners
Musikmesse 2016: ART Showcases D7 Microphone and Studio Control Center

Friday April 1st (pre-Messe news)

Musikmesse 2016: Introducing the Korg Stageman 80 - Solid Rhythms for Solo Performers
Musikmesse 2016: Korg Pa4X Oriental Arranger Workstation
Musikmesse 2016: Follow your own path with two new limited editions of the VOX Pathfinder 10.

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