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NAMM 2016

NAMM 2016

NAMM 2016 is almost here! Starting January 21st, 2016, manufacturers, suppliers, shops, musicians and journalists will gather together in Anaheim, California for the annual 'National Association of Music Merchants show 2016'. This is the largest product showcase of musical instruments, studio equipment, lighting, DJ gear and PA systems in the world!

The latest news

Naturally, Bax-shop has tickets for NAMM 2016 and will be there with bells on. We'll also have a camera crew on location to bring you photos and videos of the very latest products. We'll be doing interviews as well and will get as much information on these new products as possible. On January 24th, the last day of the show, you'll find interesting up-to-date news items about each new available product right here. Better yet - if the price is known, you can even pre-order it right away!

NAMM 2016 rumours

Most brands want to keep their latest ground-breaking inventions a secret right up until the start of NAMM. What can we expect? In any case, guitar brands such as Gretsch, Fender, Jackson, EVH and ESP LTD all have new goodies to show us. Furthermore, it's been rumoured that the famous DJ brand Pioneer has something to unveil as well. We certainly hope so! Hercules is expected to release a remarkable new controller and Denon DJ will be making a spectacular comeback. Meanwhile, Technics simply couldn't wait, and has already announced the long-awaited return of the legendary SL-1200!

NAMM 2016 news overview:

News from February 2nd:
NAMM 2016: Problem-solver Radial Brings Specific Solutions!

News from January 29th:
NAMM 2016: Fender Presents Limited Edition Magnificent Seven Collection​
NAMM 2016: Squier and The Cribs Reveal New Models!

News from January 28th:
NAMM 2016: Tube Amp Doctor Delivers Vintage Preamp Tubes
NAMM 2016: Aguilar Introduces the SL410x Bass Guitar Speaker Cabinet
NAMM 2016: Valeton Expands the Loft Series and Issues a Multi-Effect

News from January 27th:
NAMM 2016: ION Presents New Tailgaters and Record Players
NAMM 2016: Lewitt Presents the World Premiere of the LCT 640 TS!

News from January 26th:
NAMM 2016: Total Control with Ernie Ball Expression Pedals

News from January 25th:
NAMM 2016: Extra Small and Extra Low With Peavey's 6505 Series
NAMM 2016: QSC E Series
NAMM 2016: Hartke Presents a New Bass Amp and Four New Bass Pedals
NAMM 2016: Yamaha Updates DTX E-Drum Series!
NAMM 2016: Reloop RMX 10 - A Compact DJ Battle Mixer
NAMM 2016: Mini Blackstar FLY 3 in Patriotic Limited Edition
NAMM 2016: Dave Smith Instruments Announces OB-6 Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer
NAMM 2016: Make Your Own Party Inside or Outside with ION
NAMM 2016: Mode Machines Expands with New Stompbox Micro Series
NAMM 2016: Sterling by Music Man Unveils Majestic Signature Guitars
NAMM 2016: ESP LTD's Vulture Touches Down. Caution!
NAMM 2016: Laney's GHR Series: the Perfect Balance Between Red and Black
NAMM 2016: Ibanez Shows Brand New Acoustics and Hollow-Body Guitars
NAMM 2016: Two New Amplifiers and Controller by Line 6
NAMM 2016: Numark Mixdeck Express Returns With Dashboard!
NAMM 2016: Presonus Presents the Completely New ULT Series
NAMM 2016: Line 6 Offers More Freedom with Relay G10
NAMM 2016: Numark Red Wave Carbon DJ Headphones - No Compromise
NAMM 2016: RCF and dB Technologies Present Spin-Off Mixars
NAMM 2016: Teenage Engineering - the Pocket Operators Are Back!
NAMM 2016: Play Your Reface Synth Like a Keytar!

News from January 22nd:
NAMM 2016: Alesis Presents their New Elevate Speakers
NAMM 2016: Sound and Style: AKG sets the bar high
NAMM 2016: Denon DJ Shows Off SM50 DJ Monitors
NAMM 2016: Yamaha MIDI via Bluetooth LE
NAMM 2016: Denon DJ Releases the VL12 Turntable with RGB LED Lighting
NAMM 2016: Orange Celebrates with Anniversary Amps!
NAMM 2016: Yamaha DGX-660 Digital Piano
NAMM 2016: Gemini Presents SDJ-2000. Wait, SDJ-2000?
NAMM 2016: Orange - Mad About the O
NAMM 2016: Marshall and Softube Reveal Digital CODE Amps
NAMM 2016: Jackson Spoils Shredders and Metal Heads
NAMM 2016: EVH Presents Colourful New Wolfgang Guitars
NAMM 2016: M-Audio MIDISport Interfaces Updated
NAMM 2016: American DJ's NE1: A DMX Controller for Anyone
NAMM 2016: Mooer Introduces New Effects Pedals
NAMM 2016: Fender Twin Reverb for George Benson
NAMM 2016: Akai Joins In with the BT-500 Record Player
NAMM 2016: Full VST Integration with M-Audio CTRL 49
NAMM 2016: Alesis Presents New Electronic Drum Kits
NAMM 2016: New M-Audio M-Track Interfaces with USB-C
NAMM 2016: New M-Audio Battery-Powered Speaker with Power Outputs
NAMM 2016: M-Audio Reveals New Piano and Module
NAMM 2016: Numark Dashboard 3-Screen Display for Serato
NAMM 2016: Numark Presents the CD MIX USB and the WS-100
NAMM 2016: Take the Next Step with Denon Professional
NAMM 2016: The Alto Pro BAT and Transport 12 
NAMM 2016: Hercules P32 DJ - Performance DJ Controller with 32 Pads
NAMM 2016: Marshall Presents Mini Jubilee Amplifiers! 
NAMM 2016: Alesis TransActive VU Battery-Powered Speaker
NAMM 2016: Alesis V-Mini 25-Key USB/MIDI Keyboard
NAMM 2016: Yamaha Piaggero NP-32 and NP-12
NAMM 2016: Pioneer Booth Shows TOUR-1 CDJs and More
NAMM 2016: Six New Fender American Specials
NAMM 2016: Big Fender Name Change: Deluxe Is Now Elite!
NAMM 2016: The New Mind-Blowing Fender Bassbreaker Amps
NAMM 2016: Fender Custom Shop Limited Collection: Musical Pieces of Art

News from January 21st:
NAMM 2016: The Future is Now with the Zoom Arq Controller
NAMM 2016: Mackie DC16 Control Surface Raises the Bar
NAMM 2016: Two New Pedals by Digitech and DOD
NAMM 2016: Hughes & Kettner Expands Tubemeister Series With Deluxe 20 and Deluxe 40 M
NAMM 2016: Unparalleled Freedom with iConnect AUDIO2+
NAMM 2016: Pocket-Size Digital Mixing with Mackie
NAMM 2016: Boss Launches 3 New Stompbox Effects: BC-1X, VB-2W and VO-1
NAMM 2016: Ibanez Presents 24 New Bass Guitars
NAMM 2016: Kurzweil M210 Digital Pianos 
NAMM 2016: Presonus Studio 192 Mobile Version
NAMM 2016: Big Boss ES-8 Switcher Makes Way for the ES-5
NAMM 2016: Way Huge Sounds Bigger Than Ever!
NAMM 2016: CME Bluetooth Adapter for Xkey Air Keyboard
NAMM 2016: Apogee Symphony I/O MK2 Thunderbolt
NAMM 2016: Roli Seaboard Rise 49 USB Keyboard
NAMM 2016: Ibanez Announces Wide Range of Electric Guitars
NAMM 2016: Mad Professor Launches Deluxe Edition Overdrive and Delay
NAMM 2016: Pioneer Pro Audio Proudly Presents the XPRS Series
NAMM 2016: MXR Releases Studio-quality Compressor and Reverb Pedals
NAMM 2016: Hot Additions to Blues Cube Series by Roland
NAMM 2016: Tama Presents New S.L.P. Snare Drums

News from January 20th:
NAMM 2016: Roland A-01 Synthesizer / Controller
NAMM 2016: Maintenance-Free Tape-Echo by Dunlop
NAMM 2016: Mix Effectively with Reloop Mixtour

NAMM 2016: Boss Introduces the Waza Amp 150W Guitar Amplifier
NAMM 2016: EarthQuaker Devices Introduces a New Series of Stomp Boxes
NAMM 2016: iLoud Monitors Raise the Bar for Reference Monitors
NAMM 2016: Roland's Compact FP-30 Digital Piano
NAMM 2016: The Roland EC-10 EL Cajon
NAMM 2016: Roland JC-01 Jazz Chorus Bluetooth Speaker
NAMM 2016: The Tascam VL-S3BT
NAMM 2016: Roland System-500 Complete Set
NAMM 2016: New Waldorf Eurorack Gear
NAMM 2016: American Audio Presents New Products
NAMM 2016: The New Sabian XSR Cymbals: Best In Class! 
NAMM 2016: HK Lucas Nano 608i - an Unexpected Surprise 
NAMM 2016: ESP LTD Builds New Basses for All Styles
NAMM 2016: Amp Builder Engl Announces Six Pedals 
NAMM 2016: Dunlop Volume (X) Mini and New Cry Babies

News from January 19th:
NAMM 2016: Hartke Introduces the ACR5 Acoustic Guitar Amp 
NAMM 2016: Vic Firth Honours Four Drummers with Signature Drumsticks 
NAMM 2016: Hotone Improves the Ravo 
NAMM 2016: Petrucci's JP-2C Signature Head Finally a Reality 
NAMM 2016: Let's go Crazy with American DJ's Crazy Pocket 8

News from January 18th:
NAMM 2016: Korg Introduces Wireless MIDI Controllers! 
NAMM 2016: Paiste Introduces New Signature Ride Cymbal! 
NAMM 2016: Korg Introduces Pitchblack Limited Edition and GripTune
NAMM 2016: Korg Kronos-88 Platinum Music Workstation
NAMM 2016: ESP LTD Unveils Loads of New Guitars!
NAMM 2016: Zoom Shows Off New G5 
NAMM 2016: Korg B1SP - a B1 with a Stand and Pedals 
NAMM 2016: Equator D5 2016 Coaxial Studio Monitor
NAMM 2016: Remarkable New Series by VOX
NAMM 2016: Catalinbread Paves the Way For the Future
NAMM 2016: American DJ Unveils Three New Effects! 
NAMM 2016: the Virtual Hammers of the Nord Piano 3 
NAMM 2016: Denon DJ Unveils the MCX8000

News from January 15th:
NAMM 2016: Biggest Melodyne Update Ever

News from January 14th:
NAMM 2016: Denon DJ MCX8000 Preview

News from January 13th:
NAMM 2016: Back to the '80s with Electro Harmonix
NAMM 2016: Yamaha Montage Synthesizer

News from January 12th:
NAMM 2016: Pioneer Presents the CDJ-2000NXS2 and the DJM-900NXS2

News from January 11th:
NAMM 2016: Casio MZ-X: A New MZ-2000?
NAMM 2016: Korg Minilogue Analogue Synthesizer

News from January 8th:
Namm 2016: Gretsch presents their new Streamliner models

News from January 7th:
NAMM 2016: Samson Expedition XP800 Portable PA System 
NAMM 2016: IK Multimedia's iKlip A/V - Top Sound Quality on Your Smartphone

News from January 6th:
NAMM 2016: IK Multimedia iRig BlueTurn - Never Let Go of Your Instrument

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