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Pro Tools

Avid has made the switch from bulky software boxes to cards and serial numbers, and that of course has a direct impact on the way we offer those products here at Bax-shop. You can find all of the most important information surrounding the transition right here on this page. The traditional product pages only feature descriptions for the license that belongs to that specific card or certificate.

What is Pro Tools?

At its core, Pro Tools is a multi-track audio editor. If you want to make multi-track recordings of your band, or if you've got individual instrument exports from your own DAW that you want to use for an audio track, then you can use Pro Tools to layer and/or combine the tracks. You can easily add faders, change the acoustics and noise, add effects and change the timing of your recordings. Not only does this software make it easy to discover a whole new world of creativity, but it also puts the work process of a high-end studio right at your fingertips.

The status

The Pro Tools software package enjoys a prominent position in modern music history. Visit any large studio and they'll probably be using Pro Tools; check out any film academy and the students will most likely be learning audio mounting with Pro Tools. This software has become so engrained in the music industry that studios will ask for materials to be delivered in the form of Pro Tools sessions. It's simply expected that anyone who wants to be taken seriously works with Pro Tools! In short, if you're planning to collaborate with studios and/or film makers, Pro Tools is the way to ensure that you'll all be speaking the same language.

More than just software

One of the great advantages of Pro Tools is the availablility of Pro Tools hardware - specifically Pro Tools controllers. They're available in all shapes and sizes (and that goes for their price tags too). The larger models in particular are a testament to the professional level of Pro Tools. Suffice it to say, anyone who thought that large virtual mixing consoles were a passing fad are going to have to be disappointed. It should also be mentioned that Avid additionally produces unique (and super fast) audio interfaces that work seamlessly with Pro Tools. The common thread among all of these extras is the testament they tell to the high quality of Pro Tools - professional quality that's worth investing in.

New in Avid Pro Tools 12

With Pro Tools 12, Avid is also introducing the Pro Tools cloud, which is a virtual environment that makes it easy to share your projects with others. As you can imagine, it's a very convenient feature if you collaborate with other producers. It's also handy if you're collaborating with a director on the other side of the world, for instance, who wants to check on your progress.

Thanks to the new upgrade & support model, you have access to the most current version of Pro Tools for the entire duration of your license. You'll also have a Pro Tools expert at your disposal 24/7 to answer any questions you might have about the software.

The Avid Marketplace is another new feature, and it comes in the form of an app that you can use to purchase virtual instruments and the like. You can even sell your own audio and music in the virtual Avid Marketplace!


  • software for composing, recording, sequencing, editing and mixing
  • commonly used in the media industry
  • endless possibilities
  • maximum number of audio tracks: 128 @48 kHz, 64 @96 kHz, 32 @192 kHz (mono/stereo)
  • inputs: maximum 32 (depending on hardware)
  • simultaneous audio recording: 32 tracks
  • instrument tracks: 512
  • MIDI tracks: 512
  • auxiliary tracks: 128
  • buses: unlimited
  • video tracks: 1
  • unlimited projects on local drives or network drives
  • signal quality: 32 bits, 192 kHz (max)
  • number of I/O: 32 (depending on hardware)
  • supports ASIO, Core Audio, EUCON
  • supports AAX Native, AAX AudioSuite
  • includes 60 virtual instruments and effects
  • includes Sibelius Score (basic version)
  • file exchange: AAF, OMF, MXF
  • compatible with Windows and Mac OS X

supports the following hardware interfaces:

  • Pro Tools | Duet
  • Pro Tools | Quartet
  • Pro Tools | M-box family (2nd and 3rd generation)
    • Pro Tools | Mbox
    • Mbox Mini
    • Pro Tools | Mbox Pro
  • Pro Tools | Eleven Rack
  • Pro Tools | Fast Track
  • third party interfaces are compatible with Core Audio and/or ASIO

supports console and control surfaces

  • C|24
  • Eucon enabled
    • Artist Control
    • Artist Mix
    • Artist Transport
    • MC Pro
    • Pro Tools | S6
    • S5 Fusion
    • System 5
    • System 5-MC
  • every analogue or digital controller with HUI protocol works

Avid's new business model

You might have already noticed the trend picking up in the graphics industry, and now Avid's jumped on the band wagon too. Instead of buying new boxes of software with the most recent software version, like you would have done when Avid Pro Tools 11 came out, now you'll be investing in a license that you can simply refresh online when it's time! There are two different ways you can go about it.

1-year license

The first option is to get a 1-year license. It lasts a year, of course, and once the year is over Pro Tools will stop working. At the end of a year, you can either choose to renew the license for another year, or not.

Who is a 1-year license designed for?

Well, take for instance a group of folks who would like to collaborate for a one-time film production. Such a project might take about a year, in which case the temporary Pro Tools license is a great way to do all the audio mounting. The advantage is that a 1-year license is much cheaper than investing in a permanent license.

It's also a good option for someone who'd like some time to play around with Pro Tools, but isn't sure that they'll want to keep using it forever. Or maybe you've heard a lot about Pro Tools and want to experience it for yourself; in that case, a 1-year license is perfect!

What do you get?

  • For the entire year you have access to the most current version of Pro Tools.
  • You get a full year of upgrades and support, and you'll have 24/7 access to an Avids specialist who can assist you with using Pro Tools.
  • Once it's available, you'll also have access to the Pro Tools Cloud.

Permanent License

The second option is a permanent license. As you can imagine, this version takes a larger initial investment, but compared to a 1-year license, you'll come out spending less in the end if you intend to keep using the software year after year. When you choose this option, you're investing in a permanent license and in a year of upgrades and support. After a year, the upgrades and support expire, but you get to keep the permanent license as well as any upgrades you received during the year. Of course, you have the option to extend the 1-year upgrade and support license, which is less expensive than a full 1-year license.

Who is a permanent license designed for?

The license is a great choice for people who know they love Pro Tools and are going to be using it a lot in the future. Such users include professional musicians, studio owners, people working in the media industry, and enthousiastic hobbyists.

What do you get?

  • During the first year, you get any upgrades that are released.
  • When you choose this option you're investing in a permanent license and a year of upgrades and support. Just as with the 1-year license, you have 24/7 access to a team of specialists who can help you with Pro Tools.
  • Once it's available, you'll also have access to the Pro Tools Cloud.


If you'd like to extend support and upgrades for your permanent license for another year, please be sure to do this in time. It is not possible to extend upgrades and support after your 1-year deadline, which means you'd have to get an entirely new fixed license with upgrades and support all over again if you don't extend in time.

The verdict

If you want to work with the most current version of Pro Tools, then the licenses are essentially the same. Of course, it should be clear that the 1-year license requires constant investment. While the fixed license initially costs more, it ends up being cheaper in the long term if you keep using Pro Tools. Of course, there's a certain point where the two options cross financial paths, and that point depends on the current price of the software, so be sure to pay attention to price changes. It is, however, expected that getting a fixed license with yearly upgrade and support extensions will come out costing less in the end.

For students, teachers and schools

Avid still offers educational versions of their software so that students, teachers and schools can get the software for less. With educational licenses you get a choice of license cards (physical product) or a download with serial numbers. The download is handy if you're going to be installing the software on a large number of computers in a school.

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