Briteq Powermatrix 5 x 5 Matrix effect

Briteq Powermatrix 5 x 5 Matrix effect Product no.: 9000-0005-5733 Warranty period: This product comes with a 3-year warranty.


Briteq's Powermatrix 5 x 5 is an RGB Matrix effect that's equipped with 25 RGB COB LEDs of 30 watts each. This Matrix light effect features a rugged metal housing, high energy efficiency and low power consumption. The Powermatrix has a temperature-controlled cooling system that is very quiet. The 5x5 Powermatrix ensures a truly spectacular light effect!

Controlling the Powermatrix 5x5

Briteq's Powermatrix 5x5 is RDM compatible, which means that it can be controlled with a DMX console via several built-in DMX channel modes, allowing you to control each of the 25 RGB COB LEDs separately to create letters and numbers, for instance. Additionally, the Powermatrix features a backlit LCD display for easy menu navigation. You can upgrade the Powermatrix's software via the input on the back. For simple, straightforward use, the Powermatrix can run one of several varied, pre-programmed shows.


Thanks to the included bracket, you can easily fly the Powermatrix from a truss, light bridge or light stand. Moreover, the matrix features a clever locking system on the back and special connectors on its sides that allow you to easily couple it to other Powermatrixes. You can also use the bracket as a stand, allowing you to tilt the Powermatrix.


Product features

  • Number of DMX channels 4, 5, 6, 11, >20
  • Light source colour red, green, blue
Power adapter Europlug, Schucko or CEE 7/7 plug

Weight and dimensions including packaging

  • Weight (incl. packaging) 0 gr

Product specifications

  • powerful LED fixture
  • 5 x 5 matrix with 25 x 30W COB RGB-LEDs
  • Matrix effect
  • each pixel can be controlled separately
  • rugged metal construction
  • high efficiency
  • low energy consumption
  • silent, temperature-controlled cooling
  • clever 'coffin lock' locking system
  • RDM compatible
  • RDM functionality: for a simple external setup (DMX addressing, channel modes, etc.)
  • DMX channel modes: 4, 5, 6,11, 25 (CW), 25 (WW), 75, 81, 100, 106, 125 or 131 channels
  • channel modes: stand-alone and DMX
  • built-in programs for varied light shows
  • excellent 16-bit colour blends
  • simple menu structure via backlit LCD display
  • DMX input and output (3-pole)
  • each pixel can be controlled separately
  • software can be upgraded
  • features a clever locking system
  • PowerCon input and output
  • easily chained
  • DMX input and outputs: 3-pin and 5-pin
  • beam angle: 60 degrees
  • including multifunctional bracket
  • dimensions (without bracket): 500 x 550 x 120 mm
  • weight: 14.5 kg
  • delivered with included: suspension bracket


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