Eurolite LED Light Effect

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Do you want to imitate flashing lights? You can with the Buzzer-police! This red edition provides a rotating beam of light, and can easily be mounted to a wall, for instance.

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The wondrous flowery beams of the Eurolite CPE-4 ensure a great atmosphere. This compact lightweight and good-looking light effect features 4 bright RGBA LEDs of 3 watts each.
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In stock
The double derby effect has been copied so many times that you might think that it could not be improved upon. However, this Eurolite D-800 QCL's colour blending will make you think again!
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Let your imagination run wild with the Eurolite FIB-450 fiber light. Use it for effects like starry sky, fireworks, light curtain, Christmas, or even just for atmospheric lighting.
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