JB systems LED Taurus light effect

JB systems LED Taurus light effect Product no.: W-22215 Warranty period: This product comes with a 3-year warranty.


The JB Systems Taurus is ideal for large venues, as it has a large aperture, thanks to the seven clusters from which it is made. These clusters have been designed in fan shape, allowing them to cover a large surface with the 84 LEDs of the unit. Each cluster is fitted with three LEDs of the same colour, and as the Taurus features red, green, blue as well as white LEDs, you can also create white strobe effects!

Special suspension brackets are available so that you can suspend four Tauruses below one another or in an X-shape! DMX controls are of course also possible, so every cluster can be separately operated and spectacular effects can be achieved! All the advantages of LED technology are reinforced with the Taurus!


Product features

  • Number of DMX channels 1, 3, 9, >20
  • Music controlled yes

Weight and dimensions including packaging

  • Weight (incl. packaging) 2.0 kg

Product specifications

  • powerful and striking LED effect
  • based on 7 LED clusters with 84 power LEDs (R=21 + G=21 + B=21 + W=21)
  • extremely bright colours compared to traditional halogen lamp effects
  • more dynamic than traditional halogen lamp effects
  • sharp white, blue, red and green laser-like light beams
  • no need for lamp replacements!
  • uses LEDs with an extremely long life span!
  • little heat emission
  • low power consumption, only 12 watts!
  • light of weight (no heavy lamp transformers)
  • 0-100% dimmer and quick strobe function
  • excellent built-in programs for wonderfully varied light shows
  • DMX controls: 1, 3, 9 or 28 channels for full control over the 7 LED clusters
  • stand alone: operates to the rhythm of the music thanks to the built-in microphone
  • master/slave for wonderful, synchronised shows
  • CA-8 controller separately available
  • menu display with 4 digits
  • with the separately available CPB-4 central suspension bracket, you can mount 4 units together
  • mains voltage: AC 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • power consumption: 12 watts
  • fuse: 250V, T1A slow blow (20mm glass)
  • DMX connector: 3-pin XLR male and female
  • usable DMX channels: 1/39/28 channels
  • lamp: 84 LEDs (R=21 + G=21 + B=21 + W=21)
  • dimensions: 246 x 320 x 192 mm (W x D x H)
  • weight: 2 kg


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