Infinity Infinity iM-2515 RGBW Matrix LED moving head

Infinity Infinity iM-2515 RGBW Matrix LED moving head Product no.: 9000-0018-1348 Warranty period: This product comes with a 3-year warranty.


The Infinity iM-2512 is one of the newest units in the Infinity series. It's a powerful light effect with extensive built-in features. You can minutely control these yourself, or let the fixture itself take the reigns. Thanks to its extensive functions, the iM-2515 is suited for any job. If you use multiple units together you can even create video wall effects. Anything goes with the iM-2515! If you fully open up all dimmers, you can create a solid light beam that will light up the room.

Infinity iM-2515: a Matrix moving head

The Infinity iM-2515 is a so-called matrix moving head that doesn't just provide you with a single lamp - this unit features 25 in total! These have been fitted on the moving head in a 5x5 grid. Thanks to continuous rotation in its pan and tilt movements, the unit can light up any part of a room. Furthermore, Infinity have fitted it with slightly more powerful motors to ensure tight, fast movements.


An extensive connector section on the housing of the iM-2515 includes a 3-pole as well as a 5-pole DMX connector, and robust powerCON connectors with a link output for daisy chaining power to the next fixture in the chain. This will save you from having to use a separate power cable for every unit. Finally, the iM-2515 also features a Data in/out connector, which makes the unit compatible with ArtNet or KlingNet protocols.


Product features

  • Number of DMX channels >20
  • Wireless DMX no
  • Gobo wheel fixed + rotating
  • Light source colour red, green, blue, white
  • Colour wheel no
  • Music controlled yes
  • Type of moving head beam
  • Interchangeable gobos no
Power adapter Europlug, Schucko or CEE 7/7 plug

Weight and dimensions including packaging

  • Weight (incl. packaging) 20.0 kg

Product specifications

  • LED moving head
  • light source: 25x 15W RGBW Osram Ostar LED
    • light intensity: 11,700 lumens
    • beam angle: 4.5 degrees
    • dimmer: 0-100%
    • dimmer curves: Linear, Square, I-Square, S-Curve
    • colour balance: separate RGBW adjustment possible
    • strobe: 0-20 Hz
  • movement:
    • pan: continuous rotation
    • tilt: continuous rotation
    • pan/tilt resolution: 16 bits
    • pan/tilt: Black Out possible
    • pan/tilt reverse
    • selectable pan/tilt radius: 540°/360°/180°
  • controller:
    • operating modes: Auto, Master/Slave, DMX
    • number of DMX channels: 23, 123
    • LCD display with adjustment options on built-in battery
    • built-in accelerometer
  • connectors
    • DMX connection via 3-pole and 5-pole XLR
    • powerCON link output for power transfers
    • Data in/out
  • power supply: AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz (with automatic adjustment)
  • power consumption: 450 watts maximum
  • housing:
    • colour: black
    • IP-rating: IP-20
    • dimensions: 366 x 485 x 586 mm
    • weight: 20 kg
    • material: metal & fire-retardant plastic
  • maximum environmental temperature: 40° C


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