Showtec Phantom 140 LED Beam moving head

Showtec Phantom 140 LED Beam moving head Product no.: 9000-0010-0844 Warranty period: This product comes with a 3-year warranty.


This moving head is the top model from the Phantom Beam series. An LED lamp of 140 watts delivers a solid beam of light of four degrees. The Phantom 140 is equipped with 15 metal gobos that can be opened in 3 different sizes (called opens or reduction gobos), 12 dichroic colours and 2 correction filters. If all of that isn´t enough, the Phantom 140 is also equipped with a rotating 8-faceted prism. All in all, this is a highly complete lamp at an attractive price for a moving head this size!

Phantom 140 LED Beam: neat lighting shows

With its different gobos and colours, you can create special lighting shows. Thanks to the so-called opens, you can make the beam even thinner and more intense. The 8-faceted prism can also create awesome fan effects. In order to create quick and supple movements, the Phantom 140 is equipped with sizeable motors. These have a high torsion value that allows them to quickly change direction. The movements are executed in a 16-bit resolution, whereby the pan and tilt ranges can be adjusted for higher precision. The focus can be adjusted motorically and via DMX.

Controls of the Showtec Phantom 140 moving head

It is very easy to set up this moving head, thanks to the multi-colour display. All functions of the moving head can be adjusted here. The Phantom 140 is also equipped with various operating modes: a DMX mode, music-controlled mode (master/slave) and a stand-alone mode (in which the Phantom 140 runs through a number of pre-programmed chases) are present.


Product features

  • Number of DMX channels 8, 14
  • Wireless DMX no
  • Gobo wheel fixed
  • Light source colour white
  • Colour wheel yes
  • Music controlled yes
  • Type of moving head beam
  • Interchangeable gobos no

Weight and dimensions including packaging

  • Weight (incl. packaging) 17.0 kg
  • Dimensions (incl. packaging) 34.0 x 25.0 x 46.0 cm

Product specifications

  • LED moving head
  • light source: 140W LED
  • beam angle: 4 degrees
  • light yield: 41,000 lux at 5 metres
  • modes: DMX, stand-alone, music-controlled (master/slave)
  • DMX: 8 or 14 channels
  • controls: multi-colour display
  • dimmer: 0 to 100%
  • stroboscope: 0 - 13 Hz
  • prism: rotating 8-faceted
  • focus: motoric via DMX
  • filters: frost and colour correction
  • pan range: variable to 540 degrees
  • tilt range: variable to 270 degrees
  • pan and tilt resolution: 16 bit
  • gobo wheel: 15 metal gobos (of which 3 open gobos, large-medium-small to further focus the beam)
  • colour wheel: 14 dichroic colour filters plus white
  • connectors: DMX XLR in/out, IEC in/out
  • material: metal and flame-retardant synthetic material
  • colour: black
  • dimensions: 333 x 247 x 460 mm
  • weight: 17 kg


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Showtec Adds 5 New Moving Heads to Phantom Range

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Phantom moving heads by Showtec like the Phantom 50 are pretty much a permanent fixture in the world of professional lighting. Now, Showtec has added the Phantom 65 as well as four other new moving head models to the range, namely the Phantom 130, the Phantom 3R Beam and 3R Hybrid, and the Phantom Matrix FX.


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