Eurolite LED Par 64 RGBA spotlight DMX silver

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Eurolite LED Par 64 RGBA spotlight DMX silver Product no.: STKE-51916400 Warranty period: This product comes with a 3-year warranty.


This LED PAR fixture looks like most fixtures, but features something special - besides red, green and blue LEDs, it also features amber-coloured LEDs, which allow for much warmer colours. Most applications can really do with those, as the usually quite industrial-looking colours of the ordinary LED PARs aren´t atmospheric at all!

The LED PAR has a beam angle of 36 degrees, and can be operated via four or six DMX channels, depending on how extensively you want to use them. Via 3-pin XLR connectors, the DMX signal is transferred to other fixtures.

Furthermore, the LED PAR can operate in music-controlled mode via the internal microphone, and internal programs can be summoned via the dip switches.


Product features

  • Number of DMX channels 4, 6
  • Bracket single
  • Light source colour red, green, blue, amber
  • Music controlled yes
Power adapter Europlug, Schucko or CEE 7/7 plug

Weight and dimensions including packaging

  • Weight (incl. packaging) 2.4 kg
  • Dimensions (incl. packaging) 24.0 x 35.0 x 37.0 cm

Product specifications

  • LED PAR with red, green, blue and amber-coloured LEDs
  • warmer colours can be achieved thanks to the addition of yellow shades
  • sound-controlled, automatic or DMX-controlled mode
  • can be controlled with DMX via 4 or 6 DMX channels (RGBA + optional strobe and dimmer)
  • DMX connection via 3-pole XLR
  • light source: 177x 10mm LEDs (30x red, 48x green, 54x blue, 45x amber)
  • beam angle: 36 degrees
  • power consumption: 27 watts
  • mains voltage: 230V AC, 50 Hz
  • dimensions: 260 x 270 x 390 mm
  • weight: 2.4 kg


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