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LED PARs are regular PAR cans, but with the benefits of LED lighting. You can suspend a PAR can from a fixed point on the ceiling a club, office, shop, showroom, theatre or living room, for instance. Naturally, larger fixtures are more robust and are therefore used in a wider variety of applications. They're also commonly transported in a light-effect flight case.

Not only do PAR cans vary in size, but they also vary when it comes to power capacity and light output. We advise you, therefore, to consider the intended purpose (decorative or functional) of your LED PAR before purchasing one. An LED PAR 16 is more suited for use at home and in showrooms, whereas an LED PAR 64 easily has enough light output to light a stage. You can really make the most of your PARs when you use them with a DMX light controller or DMX software.

You might also want to explore our category LED spotlights, which also includes external LED spotlights. They are almost identical to LED PARs, except for their classic PAR can housing.

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