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Anyone who has ever visited a large event, concert, discotheque or showroom will be familiar with them: aluminium truss systems. Trusses are often used for suspending lighting and decoration or speakers such as line arrays. The term 'truss' originally comes from the architectural world and means something like 'triangle'. In engineering, triangles are considered the most solid way to make connections. This is also the basic principle of truss systems.

As truss parts are made of aluminium, they are light of weight and have an impressive weight capacity. No wonder it's the most used system worldwide. In this category you'll find truss systems by different manufacturers. The type names indicate the shape and size of the truss beam. For example, Eurotruss FD33 has the same size as Duratruss DT33.

Please note: although some truss parts by different brands might fit together, this can be very unsafe. We therefore recommend that you consider your choice carefully and check which brand can be easily supplied should you need more trusses for larger projects. | IG channel