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Dimmer Packs / Switch Packs

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Dimmer Packs / Switch Packs information

You can use dimmer/switch packs to easily control your analogue lighting via DMX. This is a welcome option especially when they are controlled by sound or can only be switched on and off. They allow you to control or dim Light Effects, Conventional LightingEffect Machines and other gear via DMX. We have made a subdivision into DMX dimmer packs and DMX switch packs. A DMX dimmer pack can dim a collection of spots and allows you to determine the light intensity yourself via a DMX light controller or DMX Software. It even allows you to make programs yourself. A DMX switch pack is actually a switch panel with DMX controls. If a DMX channel crosses the 50% level, the switch pack automatically switches on that channel. You can use a switch pack for certain Light Effects and Effects Machines, for instance.

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